Hopes and Dreams


Hopes and Dreams supports people with dementia and their carers to rediscover and relive memories and their shared lives. This potentially helps slow progression of the disease and promotes positive wellbeing and social inclusion. The project will

  • Support carers of people with dementia to engage in positive activities with the people they care for.
  • Provide people with dementia and their carers aids and resources to stimulate and prompt memory and connection familial relationships.
  • Offer Peer support – building social connections with others living with dementia and those caring for them and developing resilience through mutual support.

We are running two ‘Hopes and Dreams’ reminiscence courses at the Pear Tree Centre over a period of 6 months. Each course will run for 8 sessions (weekly) of 3 hours for 16 participants (8 people with dementia and 8 carers).

There will be a total of 24 direct beneficiaries (indirect beneficiaries could include wider family).

Thanks to East Suffolk Council, East Suffolk Boost Grant Scheme, who have funded this project, through the organisation and administration of the Pear Tree.

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