Hopes and Dreams


Each course will be led by two facilitators (one internal and an external with specific expertise in reminiscence delivery), supported by our volunteers.

Kally Davidson

I am a curious explorer of nature’s art, an Artist and enthusiastic experi-mentor. I adore sculptural freeform crochet and love to exhibit my creations in unusual locations, from woodland sculpture trails to cathedrals. For the past few years I have been running ‘Spinning colour’ workshops at Wrongs covert for both adults and family groups. In 2015 I helped devise and run intergenerational textile and puppet workshops and in the 90’s I worked as a live in carer supporting elderly people in East Anglia, Essex and a lady in Italy.

Pippa Guard

My husband was diagnosed with dementia five years ago, so my interest in this project is personal. Dementia is a cruel disease that robs us of our memories and sense of self, and I want to help sufferers and their carers to recover those memories and celebrate their lives. What I love about this project is that it uses some of my favourite things: play, art, music, and drama; and I am sure that, whatever else, we shall have fun.

Rachel Kellett

Like many, I’ve witnessed dementia in friends. My interest is in identity and memory, and how the two are linked or dependent on each other. I also enjoy dressing up, and I know I’m going to be stimulated working with Pippa Guard and Pam on this project. It is a pleasure to work with Kevin, with his broad range of experience and knowledge, and I’m grateful for him bringing this project together.

Jo Bidmead

My heart smiled, when I was asked to volunteer for this project. I have been fortunate to have worked within the community for over 30 years with children, young people and adults. I am passionate about supporting people to be able to live the life they wish for and to be able to access their community.

I feel there will be a lot of joy and laughter at the weekly gatherings which is a tonic for us all.

Virginia Storey

In the past I have worked for in old peoples homes locally. I ran an art class and a lot of reminisce occurred when using materials that the participants recognised . There was often much laughter and enjoyment from shared experience.

I used the year’s calendar.. spring weddings..summer picnics autumn fireworks…winter snowmen. So I shall be extremely interested to join Hopes and Dreams in this new adventure.

Nicky Sexton

Throughout my my life, I have immersed myself in Nature connection, the Arts and Medicine. have worked as a GP and Specialist Doctor for many years in Hospices, Hospitals, Care homes and in people’s own homes where my focus is on Holistic care. I’m undertaking my Forest School training with an eye on spending more time in the woods as life goes on!

My interest in the Arts was ignited by “Blue Peter”, i loved nothing more than creating wonderful sculptures out of old newspapers and glitter! My main interests now is the medium of Puppetry, making and performing with them. I’m studying currently with the Icelandic Master Puppeteer, Bernd Ogrodnik.  Having learned the flute in my teenage years, I now also play hurdy-gurdy, ukulele and sing and I married a musician!

Kevin Vaughan

I first became interested in using reminiscence to support people with dementia and their carers in 2005/06 when I witnessed the pioneering work of an early Memory Club at St Andrews’s Church in Gorleston, Norfolk. Like Rachel, I’m also fascinated by identify and memory. I have spent over a decade in roles within health and social care supporting people with dementia and their carers. This project brings together people with a wealth of experience to deliver an innovative evidence-based programme. Looking forward to much fun and laugfter.

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