Hopes and Dreams

H&D 2 /3Ms

Hopes and Dreams 2 – Making Memories Matter

Welcome to Hopes and Dreams 2 – Making Memories Matter.

We are particularly fortunate to have Pam with us, guiding us form Week 1, and reminding us of the origin of this remarkable project. We are part of this European Reminiscence Network Project devised by Pam, and described here in its full international colours. “Making Memories Matter, running from 2004 to the present day, has involved artists from seven countries working with individual older people to create ‘Life Portraits’ or ‘Memory Boxes’ around their life experience.”

Hopes and Dreams 2, will take a similar form to the first hopes and dreams but with an element of art and craft integrated into the recalling of memory, manifested in a memory box. Each couple will work with an artist to decorate and fill the box with their memories.

Have you got any items from these times at home? If you have we’d like to borrow them. For example week 1 you could bring a birth certificate, toys or books, photographs of yourself and family etc.

At the Pear Tree, in the conference room, from 10.00 to 1.00

  1. Monday May 15 – Introductions
  2. Monday May 22 – Childhood and School Days
  3. Monday June 5 – Starting work and working lives
  4. Monday June 12 – Courtship and Marriage
  5. Monday June 19 – Homes and families
  6. Monday June 26 – Box day
  7. Monday July 3 – Reflections and celebration

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