Hopes and Dreams

Training with Pam Schweitzer

Two days training with Pam was a glorious thing. She guided us through our own Hopes and Dreams, our own remembering yesterday, we went back into our own pasts. Then into the hypothetical minds of carers and people with dementia (wait 10 seconds before you reply)

Some moments and photographs here.

  1. What do you like and your name (not your position or qualification or other such boxes)
  2. Not listening
  3. Close your eyes, you are aged 7-11. What does your front door look like? Walk through it. Walk through the rooms in your home….
  4. Exchange your experience with one other
  5. In groups, re-inact one of these moments
  6. In pairs, one person describes, the other person draws

Roles – who is the bride? who the groom (the two who never married were chosen). Who is the ex girlfriend? The best man? Bridesmaids?)
The service
What gifts to you give to the happy couple (a pair of forks to hold sweetcorn/A parking ticket /
What advice to you give to the happy couple (avoid it)

Day 2

Non verbal communication using the board – name, pet, drawing
Rachel Kali (campervan/world)
Seva Duck, Duckie
Pippa Cat
Candida dog (dog leaning)
Three legged dog punched by a rabbit

Three characters: carer, friend, person with dementia

a. Ignoring the one with dementia

b. Language


Powerpoint presentation on dementia
Failure free – for carers as well as people with dementia

Pams films from Remembering Yesterday, Caring Today in action. Inspiring.

‘I should have retired 20 years ago’

Photo taken by Virginia

What we remembered a few days later

The scary don’t listen

Walking around the house, so surprising what came up. Feeling not only the colour of the wallpaper but the emotions

I realised I had a happy childhood

Watching the video

Richness of just one plate

Talking to Hazel with dementia, and not getting anywhere, running out of words

The play

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