Hopes and Dreams

Welcome to the Hopes and Dreams project.

Hopes and Dreams is a reminiscence project based at The Pear Tree, supporting people with dementia and their carers. It is part of Remembering Yesterday, Caring today, a European Reminiscence project established in 1993, inspired by Pam Schweitzer.

Together we shall be exploring and sharing memories, getting to know about one anothers lives past and present, and having an enjoyable time. All 8 sessions are based on key stages in life, which most people will have experienced and will include everyone in the group. All will take place at the Pear Tree Centre Halesworth on Saturday mornings from 10.00 – 1.00.

Our start date is Saturday January 21st

  1. Introductions – January 21st
  2. Childhood and family life – January 28th
  3. Schooldays – February 4th
  4. Starting work and working lives – February 11th
  5. Going out and having fun – February 18th
  6. Weddings and Partnerships – March 11
  7. Homes gardens and animals – March 18
  8. Rounding up and evaluation – March 25

Have you got any items from these times at home? If you have we’d like to borrow them. For example week 2 you could bring a family bible, birth certificate, photographs of yourself and family etc.

People will be invited to record memories in a memory book, store pictures, drawings, objects and memories, as well as a record of the project.

All sessions will take place at the Pear Tree Centre, Bungay Road, Halesworth, IP19 8SG. There is parking available outside and if you need transport please get in touch with us.

Each course will be led by three to four facilitators supported by our team of volunteers. The team are here.

Altogether there will be 3 sets of sessions the next sessions will start on June 3rd.

We are very grateful for funding from East Suffolk for funding this project.

To contact us about the project, please come through the Pear Tree,
01986 899655 | info@peartreefund.org

The concept takes its inspiration from Pam Schweitzer, – here’s a quote from one of her projects: “Remembering the Past-Building the Future” aims to show how memory, despite its fragility, manages to preserve the past against the destructive work of time and brings along the hope for a better future.”


Here’s your team


Here we are working with Pam at a two day workshop at the Pear Tree, January 2023

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